"Launching a Fund as an Angel Group and Raising Funds on a Rolling Basis"

Ashok Kamal

Jeremy Neilson

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Assure presents What's Going on in Venture with Ashok Kamal.  Ashok has spent over 20 years in venture capital and is at the forefront of thought leadership on innovation and the future of the space. Ashok and Jeremy discuss the future of angel investing and best practices for syndicating early stage private investments.


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On the New Model for Investing with Angel Groups

"The annual fund, which is a multi-asset SPV, then there’s individual checks, and we’re starting to do individual SPVs, as well. If individual members want to open up individual SPVs as sidecars on deals, then we open source that effort. So, there’s really 3 ways that you can get in to a company at Tech Coast Angels today, and some people take advantage all 3 concurrently."
On Learnings After 3 Annual Funds
"The biggest change we probably made from one fund to the next was, in between the 2nd and the 3rd fund, when we moved from a DIY model to using a fund manager, in this case Assure, for the 3rd fund, which took a lot of the heavy lifting of administration and a number of other benefits it offered, moving from the DIY to the fund manager model."


About Ashok Kamal

Ashok Kamal is Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels – San Diego, which is one of the largest and most active angel investor group in the country. As an angel investor, Ashok has invested in a diverse portfolio of companies, including Outsite.co, Backstage Capital, Grove Collaborative, Mercato, Winnie, Zigazoo and Fabric8 Labs. Ashok’s latest venture, the School of Rap, creates new media to educate and empower kids, and he moonlights creating rap songs for tech events.

Ashok’s career as a social entrepreneur includes co-founding companies in green business, online education and crowdfunding, and he has experienced bootstrapping to profitability, raising venture capital and completing an acquisition. Ashok also led a youth development nonprofit, helped design Newsweek’s Green Rankings for socially responsible investors and started a progressive hip-hop record label in New York City.

About Tech Coast Angels San Diego

Tech Coast Angels-San Diego (TCA-SD)  is the San Diego chapter of Tech Coast Angels. This chapter of TCA has more than 200 active accredited investors from all walks of life. In 2020, TCA-SD invested over $11 million, focusing mainly on tech and life sciences. 

TCA-SD is an active participant in the San Diego and Southern California startup community and works with other groups such as Startup San DiegoCONNECTSan Diego Innovation CouncilBiocom,   JLABSBioLabs  and EvoNexus.

TCA-SD is passionate about building great companies that drive economic returns for founders, investors, employees, and the community.