"More Than Money in Early Stage: Angels, Funds, and Everything in Between"

David de Csepel

Jeremy Neilson

Assure presents What's Going on in Venture with David de Csepel, a serial entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years advising, investing, founding, and managing start-up companies across America and industry sectors.  Dave is the Chairman of the Pasadena Angels, an organization that invests and mentors early-stage companies and uses structure and innovation to gain access to the best startup companies for its members.


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Hybrid Investing Model for Angel Groups
"We started a fund. A lot of angel clubs have done that within the last couple of years. The whole point of angel investing is staying diversified. There's no greater way to stay diversified than to be part of a fund. So, we invest in two ways. In the past three or four years, it's typically been about 30% fund investment, 70% sidecar."
 The Fund Follows the Signal of Angel Investors
"$125K committed from five or more investors is a prerequisite to qualify for a vote from the fund."

An Admin to Manage It 
"We're so happy with Assure in the management of our fund. It's a big area where it gives us a lot of comfort to know that that area is managed. [They] take in the documents. [They] take in the subscription agreements. [They] manage them for us. They're a great fund manager for us. This is a real need for us that Assure has really performed well on."


About David de Csepel

Dave de Csepel is the Chairman of the Pasadena Angels, an organization that invests and mentors early-stage companies. The group’s 100 members have expertise in a wide variety of industries. Dave serves on a variety of boards and as an advisor to many of these start-ups where he and the Pasadena Angels have taken an interest. Learn more at www.pasadenaangels.com

Dave has been a serial entrepreneur for the past two decades. He currently serves as a lead investor and consultant at BioCorRx Inc, a publicly traded healthcare solutions company with a leading-edge treatment for alcohol and opioid addiction.

About Pasadena Angels

Pasadena Angels is committed to helping forward-thinking innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs with the mentorship and funding to fuel success.

Small businesses are major engines of economic growth and the cornerstone of emergent technologies, requiring capital and guidance during the critical early phases of the venture.  Pasadena Angels offers early-stage companies an opportunity to harness the insights and experience of more than 100 successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, technologists, and skilled professionals from a diverse set of industries.