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Artem Milinchuk - Headshot-1"The tectonic shift happening in farmland in the US and globally. If you look back thousands of years, agriculture is the bedrock of our civilization. And that is what measured your wealth, that and gold. But today, we only have about 2 million farmers. Farmers are retiring in mass. As they get older, their kids don’t want to farm. So a massive amount of farmland will change hands in the next 20 years, and a lot of that will go to outside investors. So, you’re seeing a shift in how farming is done, from mid to small sizes businesses, or a lifestyle type profession, to more of a dedicated business. " 

Access to Capital for Farmers (1:33)

Access to Capital for Farmers

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Farming from the Planet Perspective (0:48)

Farming from the Planet Perspective

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About Artem Milinchuk

Artem has over 10 years of finance experience in food, agriculture, and farmland. Prior to founding FarmTogether, Artem was employee #1 and CFO/VP of Operations at Full Harvest Technologies, which is a growing B2B platform for buying and selling produce. He previously worked at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Sprott Resource Holdings, E&Y and PwC. Artem holds an MBA from the Wharton School, and a BA and MA in Economics from the Higher School of Economics.

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