Assure is hosting a virtual panel exploring the intersection of social impact and portfolio returns in the discussion of "Inclusion as an Investment Thesis".  The 3 featured panelists include leaders from funds who invest in very specific founders, from military veterans to U.S. immigrants. The 1-hour panel will be held on Thursday, November 19, at 5 pm PT  I  8 pm EST, moderated by Assure CEO Jeremy Neilson.



Jeremy Neilson
Jeremy Neilson, an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur, is a founder and a co-CEO of Assure. Prior to Assure, Mr. Neilson launched and managed Utah’s $300M private equity program, the Utah Fund of Funds, which invested in 28 funds and across most of the private equity spectrum. Before the Utah Fund of Funds, Jeremy was an associate with the University Venture Fund where he spent time working closely with local and national venture capitalists on company due diligence. Jeremy has served as a venture capital fund advisory board member and investment committee member for various foundations.
Jeremy hosts a podcast “The Assure Podcast with Jeremy Neilson” and does weekly video interviews with leaders in venture capital in a series called “What’s Going on in Venture”. Watch it here.



Inclusion as an Investment Thesis


Derren Burrell, Veteran Ventures

Derren Burrell, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) has over 25 years as a professional financial manager in both public and private sectors. He is the Founder & President of Veteran Ventures Capital, LLC, an investment and consulting firm focused on scaling veteran-owned and led businesses. In this capacity he oversees all aspects of the company operations and fund management. Prior to this he served as the Chief Operating Officer for TAG Resources, LLC, a retirement service company with over $1.5 billion in assets under management (AUM), where he was responsible for tripling the AUM and doubling the company. He is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Certified Defense Financial Manager, and Level 3 Certified in the Secretary of Defense Financial Management Program.



Veteran Venture Capital invests in vetted investment opportunities to qualified veteran-affiliated businesses. We interact with businesses that have military veteran leadership exclusively because we recognize the value of their experience, training and character.  We specialize in making private investments into veteran-affiliated companies that show great promise in regards to revenue growth and business acceleration. Specifically, Veteran Ventures Capital focuses on making investments into new businesses that having promising technology, an innovative business concept, or are existing businesses that are seeking rapid growth within their field.


Faye Maidment, Unshackled Ventures

Faye is an analyst at Unshackled focusing on investing and marketing. She has a background as a growth marketer, a social media mogul and an emerging technophile in the VR and AR space. Passionate about consumer behavior and understanding what makes people 'tap', Faye is a strong Gen Z empathizer, contributing to the successful launch of teen AR avatar app Facemoji, now with over 4 million downloads. In her free time, Faye likes to immerse herself in internet culture and all of its zeitgeisty trimmings. She writes for High Tea, a newsletter that covers internet leitmotifs and discussions of identity across ephemeral digital spaces. Faye was born in the UK and currently resides in Canada and is waiting to enter the U.S. soon. She is passionate about helping immigrants succeed faster with Unshackled!


Unshackled Ventures is the first and only early-stage venture capital fund for immigrant founders and is actively investing out of their second fund. Besides investing in immigrants, Unshackled Ventures sponsor their visas & green cards to enable them to spend 100% of their time building companies.


Israel Munoz, Angeles Investors

Israel Munoz is a Managing Director at Angeles Investors and has been involved with the organization since inception. In his day job, he is an Analyst at the Office of the Illinois Treasurer, which invests $35 billion into multiple asset classes, including venture capital & private equity. He is a former Fulbright Scholar, a graduate of Fordham University in New York City and a proud son of immigrants from Mexico.  Investment Criteria Founder, board member or main investor is Hispanic or Latinx.


Our mission also allows us to grow the Hispanic and Latinx angel investing community. Currently Hispanics only make-up 2.3% of US angel investors; we are working to correct this statistic. Not only are we developing and nourishing the pipeline of promising Hispanic and Latinx ventures, expanding the Hispanic angel investing community, we are also developing the future talent of Hispanic and Latinx professionals in venture capital. Angeles Investors provides internship opportunities to interested professionals and MBA students, so they can get involved in startup investing and begin their venture capital careers. Internship opportunities to diverse candidates that may not be available in mainstream venture capital. Angeles Investors is putting the collective financial capacity of its community to action: supporting promising ventures, influencing other angel investors, and ultimately providing opportunities that didn't exist.