"Angel Investing and Building a Syndicate"

Jason Calacanis

Jeremy Neilson

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Assure presents What's Going on in Venture with Jason Calacanis. Jason is a preeminent American Internet entrepreneur, serial angel investor, and founder of LAUNCH. Jeremy Neilson and Jason discuss many topics in this episode, including angel investing, educating the next generation of angel investors, and how to build a syndicate using Assure SPVs.


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"A goal I had was to teach and inspire 10,000 people to be angel investors. I started that journey a couple years ago when my book came out. Now every week we’re adding 100 members to the syndicate, and if we’re at 6,500 or 7,000 we’re only 30 weeks — not even a year — away from having those 10,000 members. 

Of those 6,500 members, we have 3,000 that have actually done a deal! So, it takes time for people to place their bets and that’s why we have a really low threshold. People ask us why we only have an investment minimum of $2,000, when on other platforms the minimum is $5,000, $10,000 or even $25,000. It’s because we want more people to get involved, and we want them to learn without having to put too much at risk. These are accredited investors obviously, but when they can come in and make five or 10 deals at $2K and only put $10-20K to get their first five or 10 deals, they are going to... and learn a lot more without blowing a lot of capital.  I really like to see that. I take it seriously. I really want people to have a good experience."



The mission of LAUNCH is to support founders and inspire innovation. This is done  through a series of free events, podcasts, books, research products, and by investing millions of dollars a year into promising, early-stage startups.

To date, LAUNCH has invested in over 200 startups, seven of which have gone on to achieve valuations over a billion dollars: Uber, Thumbtack, Datastax, Wealthfront, Robinhood, Desktop Metal, and Calm.  LAUNCH invests in 50 startups per year through a series of private funds, the LAUNCH Accelerator and our The Syndicate, with check sizes ranging from $25,000-$1,500,000.

Learn more about how LAUNCH uses Assure SPVs in this CASE STUDY.

About Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis is a serial entrepreneur and prolific angel investor.  Jason has invested in over 250 startups and built a syndicate network of over 5,000 investors that invest alongside him on a deal-by-deal basis.  Jason is the host of the top rated This Week in Startups podcast, and the founder of LAUNCH , a venture capital firm, startup accelerator, and media company.