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About Gabriel

Passionate about entrepreneurship and investment, Gabriel Jarrosson created his first website at the age of 13 and sold his first startup at 25.

Since then, he acts as an angel investor and founder of Leonis Investissement: a private club that offers its French members investment opportunities in high-growth startups in Silicon Valley.

In 2019, he released the book "My Investor Secrets" at Maxima editions, a renowned publishing house, with a preface by Xavier Niel, French billionaire & founder of Station F (biggest startup incubator in the world) and 42 school of coding.

Aware of the challenge that investing can be, Gabriel decides to help his clients automate ultra-profitable investments to get more out of their lives.

Gabriel has also produced over 800 videos providing investor education on a broad range of topics. Check out his channels by clicking the links below.

About Leonis

Leonis is a private investment syndicate that allows individuals and business angels to invest from € 2,000 in growing startups, in France & in Silicon Valley.


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