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Assure presents What's Going on in Venture with Olga Yermolenko of OY Group, discusses how sophisticated LPs, specifically family offices, are increasingly interested in alternative assets, specifically VC, and becoming active investors by getting into their own deals.




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"We have a trend within the family office world, of later-stage investing. They do want to see a little bit of attraction there, it's a very segmented market, but within the segment, that is looking for purely financial return is they're going to enter into these companies at say series B, series C, and later stage where the opportunity is already depressed. It's somewhat proven out and they don't need to become experts in what VCs do really well, which is betting these opportunities right out of the gate very, very early on. Of course, they miss out on return. The earlier you get in, obviously the higher the probability of a large outcome. This is kind of how, how family offices can de‑risk, uh, de‑risk the situation."
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                                                                                      "It is important to have someone who's an expert on the team to be able to both create the right strategy and the                                                                                            right portfolio approach as well as be able to vet opportunities on a deal by deal basis.  I completely agree that the next generation is much more interested in and open to venture because they are less risk-averse. It's a higher-risk asset class and also what I see the trend that I see within the next generation is that they are much more impact investing oriented. They do care about issues like climate change, healthcare education, and so on and so forth and they are willing to put the money where their mouths are and invest accordingly."
                                                                                           Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 9.49.32 PMSPVs to Build Track Records  "What I'm seeing is that a lot of the Next Gen investors, so the grandsons and the granddaughters, they're using SPVs to build out a track record. So invest in very specific deals in order to build out a track record and be able to raise a fund from outside LPs later down the road.

About Olga Yermolenko

Olga Yermolenko is a broadly experienced venture investor and startup operator, working at the intersection of strategy, technology, and impact. Olga advises family office clients on venture investing and social impact opportunities and has diligenced over $1.2B worth of deals. Olga also works with entrepreneurs on business strategy and fundraising and has advised 80+ startups.


About OY Group

OY Group provides venture and impact investing strategy and due diligence services to family office clients. Curate and diligence opportunities on behalf of clients. Advise entrepreneurs on strategy, operations and fundraising. Have worked with 80+ startups. Startup Mentor at, Big Ideas Ventures accelerator, Halo Incubator, WeWork Labs; Principal Advisor at the Larta Institute.