"Building a Syndicate and the Future of Private Investing"

Paige Doherty

Jeremy Neilson


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"There is a lot of disparity in venture. Not only is there an equity gap, there's an education gap. It shows up specifically in how we identify as investors or not. What's awesome about Assure is they provide the education to be empowered and enabled to lead a syndicate and call yourself an early stage investor and allow all these people to have a springboard into a professional investing career. And definitely for a path that's non-traditional like mine- I didn't do investment banking, I didn't do an MBA, I wasn't an accredited investor- it's really opened my eyes up to the possibilities, and I'm really excited for the SEC to open up the definition for what an accredited investor is. Along the way, Assure is going to light the way for a lot of non-accredited and underrepresented syndicate leads and emerging fund managers to blaze a path in venture and have a supportive partner along the way with them."


About Paige Doherty

Paige is an author of a children’s book for adults on venture capital, a Developer Success Engineer at WorkOS, an early stage syndicate lead, and now working on her first early-stage fund investing in GenZ and underrepresented founders.  Follow her on Twitter @paigefinnn for more accessible venture capital content.

The Essential Guide to Syndicates

Paige has published a guide broadly defining what a syndicate is, how to work with syndicates, and why you should consider them as a strategy for fundraising as an investor or a founder.  Read it here.


Assure Syndicates

If you're interested in learning more about launching your own syndicate, check out Assure's Syndicate program. 

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