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Assure presents What's Going on in Venture with Sarah Kunst of Cleo Capital. Jeremy and Sarah discuss access to venture capital and the democratization of private investing. Sarah breaks down breaking in for aspiring venture capitalists: getting your pro day, why it's easier to have a baby than become a teacher (until it's not), and using SPVs to do deals and build a track record. Sarah is a star in VC and provides an insightful education with an authentic, fresh perspective. Check out the whole conversation below.



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 Diversity drives better returns
"You’re going to make more money. We use innovation to make money. We are all capitalists. The best way to make money is to have more diverse around the table."
Hustle your way into interesting deals 
  The barriers to entry, with the internet, anyone can meet people, help people, and build
   their brands, even if they don’t have millions of dollars."

About Sarah Kunst

Sarah Kunst is the managing director of Cleo Capital and a contributing editor at Marie Claire Magazine. She has served as a senior advisor at Bumble where she focused on their corporate VC arm Bumble Fund and on the board of the Michigan State University Foundation endowment. 

Kunst has been named a Future Innovator by Vanity Fair, Forbes 30 Under 30, and a top 25 innovator in tech by Cool Hunting. She has been recognized for her work in Business Insider as a 30 under 30 Women in Tech and Top African-American in Tech and Pitchbook Top Black VC To Watch and honored as a top woman in VC by the Wall St. Journal and named a top DealmakeHer by the National Retail Federation. She was also named a coach for the Cartier Women’s Initiative.

About Cleo Capital

Cleo Capital is an early-stage VC fund backing exceptional founders at the preseed and seed stages.