Assure presents What's Going on in Venture with the SPV Sisters, Annie Evans and Sabrina Simenson who are helping female founders get more funding.


SPV Sisters Video


Annie Evans- SPVs Enable New, Strategic LPs
"They allow investing to be a lot more accessible to people. For example. I just brought the head of partnerships from TikTok into an SPV, and she does a smaller check size. However, for her founders that she invests in, she does a TikTok strategy where it's just an amazing asset for them. She wouldn't be able to invest directly because of the size of the check.
I think the more people that become aware of the benefits on the founder and the investor side, the more and more people that are going to want to do them. So I think we haven't even cracked the surface. We’ve got a whole waiting list of people that want us to lead SPVs for them. And we're just in the vetting process right now."




Sabrina Simonsen- On SPVs for Founders
"They love it because what we bring is these strategic angels that really bring a lot of help and advice and experience to the table. And they're more than happy to avoid VCs because, in many instances, it's a lot of due diligence. It's a lot of legal work. They have a lot of asks, which SPVs don’t. VCs tend to want a seat at the table, and they demand a lot more, whereas SPVs are easy.
There are different value propositions with doing SPVs. I've even met a founder who has said from now on they're only going to raise money through SPVs. And it's a two‑sided thing of loving SPVS, but also not having to deal with VCs, who can just be a really big hurdle for a lot of founders with their demands, or they want to take over, or they don't want to go in the same direction as the founders. They are a challenge for many founders to handle. They can be very intimidating, as well, and not always helpful.
So, using a different tool like SPVs is really something that a lot of founders have taken to, and I really see SPVs becoming the new way to raise money, having multiple SPVs, or one. You let go of control and let us do it. And you allocate a piece of the round. Or, for the founders to just do their own SPVs. Now that there is an amazing tool like Assure where the legal fees are much smaller; it's a great tool and opportunity"

About Annie Evans

Annie is the former co-founder of Beautified, a geo-located app to find and book on-demand beauty and fitness services. As the architect behind Beautified's enterprise strategy and business development, Annie understands consumer behavior and the key role of B2B partnerships to scale and grow ideas into big companies.

With over a decade of experience in consumer marketing, Annie has worked with leading media brands such as Esquire and O, The Oprah Magazine as well as global brands such as Diageo and Audi. Prior, Annie founded The Society NYC, a private social-cultural community connecting innovative minds with one another and the brands that seek their attention.  Annie has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many others, based on her work in business, fashion, lifestyle and tech.

Annie loves working with entrepreneurs to help bring their vision into the stratosphere of possibility.  Currently, she is an advisor for tech venture Waitron, an on-demand hospitality job marketplace to connect employers with employees.

About Sabrina Simenson

After self-studying her Law and Economics degree in Denmark, her home country, Sabrina moved to London and started her career in tech. She taught herself digital marketing and built the marketing engine and team of VINAYA's, a wearable jewelry company backed by the likes of Carmen Busquets, Robin Klein and Eileen Burbridge, and featured in VOGUE, Forbes and Elle Magazine. 

Having always dreamed of living in New York, she decided to move in the summer of 2016. In New York, she helped launch a digital marketplace founded by Debbie Wosskow, the CEO of Love Home Swap and Allbright, with her responsibilities spanning from overseeing special marketing-related projects to hands-on marketing and strategy execution. From there, she continued as an independent consultant working with various early-stage European and U.S. tech startups, which collectively have gone on to raise over $1 billion in venture and growth capital.

More recently, Sabrina started angel investing in sustainable, environmentally conscious companies, acts as an advisor to many of them, helps with fundraising and is passionate about building a long-term private and public portfolio of green companies, as well as help more female founders get funding.