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Assure CEO Jeremy Neilson talks with Venture University Co-Founder & CEO J. Skyler Fernandes about getting into private investment, the future of education, and the state of the market.


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About J. Skyler Fernandes

J. Skyler (Sky) Fernandes is ranked as a Powerlist 100 VC and is the Co-Founder & General Partner of VU Venture Partners, a multi-stage venture capital fund focused on Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier Tech, Healthcare, and Property Tech. Sky is also the Co-Founder & CEO of Venture University.

About Venture University

Venture University is the world's leading investor accelerator for individuals breaking into venture capital, private equity, and angel investing. VU's investor accelerator is a modern day trade school, where individuals gain high quality investment experience through a VC/PE Investment Apprenticeship and take academic courses as part of VU's Executive Education Program. Individuals "learn by doing" by joining VU's investment team, VU Venture Partners, a multi-stage investment fund focusing on seed through growth stage companies, investing in ~3-5 companies per quarter, across Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier Tech, Healthcare, and Proptech, and share in the financial upside on the investments made via a Profit Sharing Agreement. During the program individuals receive mentorship, career development, VC/PE industry networking, and learn from and work alongside top performing investment professionals who have invested $1.8B+ over 35+ yrs in 250+ companies and have achieved over a 4x+ net cash return as early investors in Beyond Meat, Facebook, Uber, Venmo, Twitter, and more.

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