Assure is hosting a virtual panel on "Structuring Funds: VCs vs. SPVs", featuring experienced veterans in venture investing.  Industry experts will address investment strategies, management, flexibility, and why one structure makes sense over the other in different investing situations. Additionally, what are the fund administration of the different structures?



Jeremy Neilson
Jeremy Neilson, an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur, is a founder and a co-CEO of Assure. Prior to Assure, Mr. Neilson launched and managed Utah’s $300M private equity program, the Utah Fund of Funds, which invested in 28 funds and across most of the private equity spectrum. Before the Utah Fund of Funds, Jeremy was an associate with the University Venture Fund where he spent time working closely with local and national venture capitalists on company due diligence. Jeremy has served as a venture capital fund advisory board member and investment committee member for various foundations.
Jeremy hosts a podcast “The Assure Podcast with Jeremy Neilson” and does weekly video interviews with leaders in venture capital in a series called “What’s Going on in Venture”. Watch it here.





Ed Roman, Hack VC

Ed Roman is a professional investor focusing on enterprise SaaS, marketplaces, and software infrastructure, along with managing the venture capital firm Hack VC, which focuses on investing in early-stage startups. He also leads the Hack VC syndicate on AngelList.

Most recently, Ed led innovation for Pluralsight, which is democratizing professional learning. Pluralsight acquired HackHands, where he was recently CEO. HackHands is a marketplace of developers that accelerates developer productivity via realtime mentoring. Ed also served as a board observer of Pluralsight for years.

Ed is the founder of hack.summit(), the largest programmer conference (and the largest virtual conference) in history with 80k+ attendees and he also spearheaded a " for developers" project as well.

Prior to this, Ed was founder & CEO of Ghostfire Games. Their game Rage of the Gladiator won critical acclaim as a top-rated Wii title which iss available on Nintendo 3DS, Android, and won a game-of-the-year award for iPhone/iPad.

Ed created the world's largest Java community (450k members), TheServerSide (acquired by Precise Software), and wrote a best-selling book on Java, Mastering EJB.


Hack VC is an early-stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Hack VC partners with daring entrepreneurs at the earliest stages. Hack VC manages the world's largest programmer conference, hack.summit() with over 135,000 attendees from 157 countries. Hack VC has invested in over 180 startups over the past decade including 4 unicorns, and aims to democratize access to top early stage technology startups to investors across the globe.


Robb Kunz, Glassboard Technology

Robb Kunz is a Founder & CEO of several high-technology Companies, an Active Angel Investor, the Founder & Managing Partner of ventureblue Capital and Co-founder of BoomStartup, Utah's Mentorship-driven investment program.

As an Investor, he founded and created ventureblue Capital an early-stage high technology investment firm. He is an active Angel Investor as a member of the Olympus Angels Investors based in Salt Lake City, Utah and recently was acknowledge as one of the top 15 Angel Investors in the State of Utah for 2009 and 2010. He recently Co-founded and is Co-Managing Partner of BoomStartup, Utah's Mentorship-driven Investment Program. He was recently selected as 2010 Investor Mentor of the Year in the State of Utah.

As an Entrepreneur, his expertise and track record revolves around starting, launching & funding emerging Companies. He is a Senior Technology Executive with strong business strategy with hands-on execution capability. He is the Founder/CEO of KnowledgeBlue, an Open Source Systems Integrator and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm. KnowledgeBlue was recently acknowledge as the 37th fastest growing Company in the State of Utah as part of the elite Utah100. group. He was recently acknowledge as one of the Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs in the State of Utah as part of the v-Spring v100.

As a Director, he sits on the Board of GuestSpan, which provides high-technology SaaS solutions to the Hospitality Industry and RedSpan Inc.


Glassboard Technology is the leading back-office solution for running deals, the Glassboard platform has seen more SPV/Fund/Syndicate deals than any other provider: Over 5,100!

Stacey Mck Photo

Stacey McKittrick, Mertiage Fund

Stacey joined the Meritage fund administration team in 2018 with extensive experience in all aspects of raising and managing venture capital funds. She works closely with fund clients to streamline their fundraising process and to help them understand the practical implications of complex partnership agreements. She also assists fund managers on a variety of operational issues, including the development of portfolio management and investor reporting practices, and with portfolio investment matters. Stacey enjoys the professional challenge of making regulatory and contractual compliance and the annual audit season as painless as possible.

Before joining Meritage, she was a co-founder and CFO of Appian Ventures, an SBIC fund; the founding principal of Timberlake-BEC, Inc., an operating company and venture fund consulting firm; a vice president of Centennial Ventures; and a senior corporate paralegal with Kirkland & Ellis. She is a graduate of The College of William and Mary.


The Meritage team has rich experience and expertise in providing accounting and fund administration services having managed over $1Billion of our own funds since 1985. Given this unique perspective, we have provided these services to outside venture capital and private equity funds since 2015. We advise clients across a range of topics and issues – far beyond routine accounting and standard investor reporting. Whether providing guidance on entity structuring, fund economic terms, fundraising tactics, investor relations or portfolio monitoring and valuation compliance, our goal is to deliver unparalleled value to fund manager clients. With all of our fund clients, we become an extension of the team, delivering support, counsel and a customized engagement.